Déjeuner in French


When: Thursday, March 23th, 12-1pm
Where: Alliance Française, 9A Kirk Street, Grey Lynn
Cost: Potluck lunch

As part of the French Language Festival – Fête de la Francophonie, join the staff, students and teachers of Alliance Française for a friendly potluck lunch. Please bring food to share! The idea is to cook dishes from French speaking countries such as Belgium, Canada, France, Maroc, Vietnam, etc. Click here for the complete list of countries. You don't have any clue about what to cook!? We have collected some recipes for you:

- Taboulé from Lebanon
- Salade lyonnaise from France
- Poutine from Canada
- Rouleau de printemps from Vietnam

- Quiche lorraine from France
- Alloco from Ivory Coast
- Pâté chinois from Canada